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"Peace is possible,
but it has to come from within. " 
~ Cynthia Legette Davis



"I am leaving you with a gift:
peace of mind and heart!"
~ John 14:27



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A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding

You believe God gave you a mission—a job to do. But it frightens you.

On the one hand, you know it’s divinely special that God has chosen you in such a special way to do specific work in the world for his glory and honor. But on the other hand, you have so many questions and concerns about it.

“Why me?” you ask yourself. “How do I know it’s really the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart and not that other spirit leading me astray? What if I fail? What will people say?”

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Peace Tip: Know What You Truly Desire

True desire is the voice of God speaking to our hearts, inspiring us to take action. It's easy to confuse it with an impulse, flash or whim. But desire is deeper than that. Desire is inspiration that compels us to move forward. The more we listen to it, the more deep-seated it becomes, ultimately clarifying our purpose and leading us in the direction in which we're intended to go.