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"Peace is possible,
but it has to come from within. " 
~ Cynthia Legette Davis



"I am leaving you with a gift:
peace of mind and heart!"
~ John 14:27



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Peace Tips for Life

Ideas and Inspiration for Personal Peace 

The answers for peace are inside us, and we can hear them we're still enough to listen. The voice of God—the Holy Spirit—is continually revealing them to us. We need look no further than our heart. That's the overall message of this book. In it, Cynthia Legette Davis shares nearly 200 thought-provoking and often soul-stirring ideas and insights she has gained over the years through her own peace journey. If you find they ring true for you, too, pass them on, and feel free to add to the list with peace tips of your own. "Peace Tips for Life" is a book you'll want to keep near you to refer to time and time again, especially on those days when your soul needs a lift!

ISBN 978-0-9659539-4-8

Paperback, 4 ¾" x 6 ½", 206 pages


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Comments From Readers...

"Peace Tips for Life is so inspiring and has great usable advice on getting and keeping peace in your life.  I purchased the book based solely on the title and the demeanor of the author; however, after the first few pages I knew I had discovered a true gift from God.  There are so many passages that I love it makes it hard to single out just a few but "Fulfillment," "Essence," "Slow Down," and "Speak Life" are  just some of the awesome and transforming gems revealed in this book! I love the simplicity of the messages and the A-to-Z format. Bravo, Cynthia, and very well done!" ~ Ernestine Middleton, President, Middleton Resources Group, LLC

“This is a beautifully written book with many great messages of God’s peace and love. It is certain to encourage and help a lot of people.” ~ Rev. Charles B. Jackson Sr., Senior Pastor, Brookland Baptist Church

"Peace Tips for Life is a wonderful little book full of positive and uplifting tips to help me get through my day or a situation I may be faced with. I am extremely happy with my book and I am really glad Cynthia decided to put all her tips into one little handy book that I can grab and read whenever I need a pick-me- up. Great book. Love it!" ~ Danette Seals

"Cynthia, my husband and I really enjoyed reading and sharing thoughts from your book while we traveled this weekend. The book is truly inspirational. Earlier this evening I went to a birthday party and showed the book to some friends. They liked it a lot! I believe there are many people who could benefit from your writings. It's very easy reading, yet deep meditations. Great job, Cynthia!" ~ Cyndy Shelley Coffeen

“I could not be more excited about this book if I had written it myself! I enjoyed hearing your presentation about the book, and now that I have actually had the opportunity to read it, you did not disappoint. I want everyone near and dear to me to read it, too, which is why, thus far, I have bought 17 copies. I thank God for you and the wisdom and knowledge you displayed to make this book available to us all.” ~ Delores Anderson

"I purchased Peace Tips for Life, and it was such a blessing to me that I had to give it to my sister. She picked up the book up, started reading it and could not put it down. Since she wouldn't give it back, I had to purchase another one for myself." ~ Curlie Felder

"Cynthia, I love your book. I keep it on my desk and read it when I need words of encouragement or a positive focus! Yours is truly the gift of encouragement! Thank you so much for being a blessing to me and so many others!" ~ Carol Caulk

“This is a wonderful book, and I urge everybody to read it. Whatever you’re going through, there’s something in it that will encourage you. I just love it!”  ~ Loretta Coleman, Founder & CEO, Loretta Coleman Ministries

"Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift.  You know we all long for that peace you write about. Thanks for making yourself vunerable to share what so many of us feel and think but can't express." ~ Gale Bivines

"I love my book,...read some last night after more concerns about daughter in law...I went to sleep with peace in my heart!” ~ Joanne

“I want to thank you again for this book.  It is so inspirational. I just love it!” ~ Sherry 

"I just love this book! It says everything I'm thinking! I want to give it to all of my friends!” ~ Cynthia

"I am loving Peace Tips for Life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Rev. Norris Scarborough