Living Your Truth
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 3:55PM
Cynthia Legette Davis in Awareness, Love, Personal Growth, Personal Peace, authenticity, freedom, living, self, truth

What’s truth for you? It appears to be different for different people, but ultimately, it’s the same—love. Therefore, to know if something is truth, ask, “Is it love?” You’ll know by the way it makes you feel. For me, peace is the feelings barometer. 

If I feel peaceful when I’m doing, thinking or saying something, then I know it’s love. If I don’t, then I know it’s not. At that point, I have a choice to make, and my decision will determine whether, in that moment, I choose to live truth or a lie. Anything that doesn’t make me feel peaceful is a lie.

So what’s the choice when something is not making us feel peaceful? The choice is to continue doing it (a lie) or do something else that does make us feel peaceful (the truth.) That’s what having free will is—our God-given right to choose how we live our lives. And when we’re choosing to live our truth we’re living our lives in love.



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