A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding
Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 1:32PM
Cynthia Legette Davis in Awareness, Desire, Faith, Personal Peace, inner peace, mission

You believe God gave you a mission—a job to do. But it frightens you.

On the one hand, you know it’s divinely special that God has chosen you in such a special way to do specific work in the world for his glory and honor. But on the other hand, you have so many questions and concerns about it.

“Why me?” you ask yourself. “How do I know it’s really the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart and not that other spirit leading me astray? What if I fail? What will people say?”


You feel guilty for questioning something inside you that feels so right, but you can’t help yourself. So you pray and ask the Lord to help you overcome the fear inside you that is working so hard to rob you of your heart’s deepest desire—to serve him.

Then the answer comes from deep inside you. It says, “Even if you’re afraid, do it anyway. You won’t rest until you do. I will see you through.”

Suddenly you experience a peace that has shown up just as quickly as the fear has left you. You know in your heart that whatever God has given you to do, he will help you complete it. You are no longer afraid.

* Excerpted from my book entitled,  I Know How You Feel.

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